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Dr Silvers grew up in Miami Beach Florida when it was a quiet little beach town. She earned her B.S. in mathematics, and began her adult life as a software engineer/systems analyst for a major motion picture company in Burbank, CA. Her “true calling” kept calling, however, and she went back to school to finish her pre-medical classes, and graduated from University of Florida as a Veterinarian in 1999.

She began her veterinary career as a mixed animal practitioner, but now focuses on dogs and cats. She has been licensed in Pennsylvania, California, Texas, and New Mexico, and has practiced in a wide variety of practices in her 25 year career. What has never changed is her commitment to providing the best possible medicine for the animals in her care, and her dedication to the humans who love them. She moved to Taos with her husband and their 3 rescue dogs at the end of 2022. She served as the medical director for Stray Hearts for a little over a year, and was struck by the large number of animals in her community that go without medical care, for a wide variety of reasons.

The purpose of Creature Comforts Affordable Pet Care, a NONPROFIT 501(c)(3), is to provide affordable timely medical care to the animals in Taos and surrounding areas. We are a mobile medical clinic that will be able to provide wellness care, vaccines, surgical care, spay/neuter, geriatric care, dentistry, and more.  We hope to be able to provide some non-critical emergency care as well, on a case by case basis. In addition, we plan to provide services to the many rescues that are doing their best to help the stray and feral animals of Taos County. Dr Silvers started the free Trap Neuter Return program, as well as the low cost vaccine/free microchip program while she was the Medical Director at Stray Hearts, and hopes to be able to continue those programs, as well as some new exciting programs, so stay tuned!!

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